Stoneville UK fabricates granite worktops, as well as marble, quartz worktops and countertops, vanity tops, shower trays, hearths, etc. examples of stonework.We fabricate worktops made of most types of granite, quartz, marble & recycled glass and supply them throughout the UK, with majority of residential customers in London, Surrey & Middlesex.

We source quartz in pratically every colour/shade/type & from most manufacturers, incl. Silestone: Silestone quartz colours, Compac: Compac quartz colours, Samsung Radianz: Samsung Radianz coloursQuarella quartz colours, Chromastone, etc.

Stoneville Recycled Glass is also used for worktops & other finished products like bar tops, table tops, etc. Examples of recycled glass worktops: recycled glass worktops, etc.

How to choose a worktop and a splashback: how to choose a worktop.

Granite and marble worktop edge profiles can be seen here worktop edging.

To get a prompt quotation for your worktop,email us [] with a drawing of your worktop or indicate the following: type of granite, quartz or marble; length; width; length of polished edge; number of sink and hob cut-outs; length of upstand; with or without grooves; any other relevant details.

Marble worktops are less popular than granite worktops mainly because they are perceived to have worse performance in terms of wear and tear. Granite is generally harder than marble and therefore has lower potential for breakage. However, once stonework, a marble or granite worktop, has been installed, breakage should not be an issue unless, of course, it is deliberate or undue pressure is applied to the worktop.

It is often perceived that marble worktops stain more easily and therefore require extra care than granite worktops. This is not always the case. Some types of granite are in fact more porous and therefore prone to staining than marble, in particular such popular granite choice for kitchen worktops like Kashmir White. Both granite and marble worktops need to be sealed with professional sealer like Lithofin MN Stainstop, and regular resealing is recommended. Another perception is that granite is more scratch-proof than marble. This is not necessarily the case – both surfaces can be scratched if they are not taken care of. This is also true of most man-made materials used for kitchen worktops.

The single most popular type of marble used for kitchen worktops is Bianco Carrara. Other types of marble like Crema Marfil, Emperador Maroon are also used but are not quite as popular as Bianco Carrara. Bianco Carrara is a nice white marble with black and grey veins and is not very expensive, even compared to most types of granite.

Another interesting material offered by Stoneville is called White Crystal which is a man-made material harder than granite, stain- and scratch-resistant, and low maintenance that can be cleaned with standard household cleaning products.

Granite worktops or Marble worktops, incl. a picture of a marble worktop

Check our natural stone project gallery for some examples of granite worktops. Call or email us for a quotation, as well as to see what we can offer, including worktops, fireplaces, hearths, vanity units, countertops, window sills, etc.

Useful information on granite and quartz worktops:

  • Granite worktops need to be sealed before and/or upon installation, then re-sealed every six months or so.
  • Granite (especially those types of granite that have a higher water absorption rate, like Kashmir White, for example) can be stained by wine, black tea, coffee, fruit (especially lemon) juices, other chemical or organic substances. The surface of the worktop should be cleaned immediately with a soft cloth and water. If damage is more serious then special natural stone care products (check with your supplier) should be used.
  • Hot pans should not be placed directly on granite stonework.
  • Avoid scratching the surface of granite worktops.

We also fabricate marble worktops, basalt worktops, as well as travertine and limestone worktops in rare cases where a worktop is not intended for extensive use – rather like a stone feature. Typical lead time on worktops is one to two weeks for most areas of London and Surrey.

Granite worktops: cleaning & maintenance.