Kitchen Tiles

Stoneville sells a large range of kitchen tiles, including marble, glass and porcelain tiles.

Kitchen tiles pay an increasing role in kitchen decoration. Previously, installed mainly for a practical reasons (the ease of maintenance and cleaning), they are now used more and more to achieve beautiful kitchens.

marble kitchen tiles and marble worktop

Having a granite or marble worktop in a kitchen is now common place and to have it complimented with marble or granite or other natural stone tiles is a sure way of having a kitchen that can be used not only as cooking area but also as dining area or living space. Considering the increasing popularity of open-pan kitchens, it is the natural stone kitchen tiles that can offer a seamless transition from kitchen to living space: an example where the same marble was used for kitchen tiles and worktop.

Recent kitchen remodelling trends have been focusing on achieving a minimalist, contemporary, cool look. Kitchen tiles made of natural stone are the best option, both for floor and wall tiles.

Floor tile size matters and smaller kitchens should use medium-size kitchen floor tiles, with the most recommended by designers being 305mmx305mm or 400×400 or 457×457. Larger kitchen can use larger sizes, including 400×600 and 600×600. Smaller sizes (that many ceramic and porcelain kitchen tiles come in) are fast becoming a thing of the past.

Kitchen wall tiles are traditionally used on the wall adjacent to kitchen worktop. These days, however, most granite or marble or quartz worktops can come with splashbacks made of the same natural stone and is a recommended option for both aesthetic and practical considerations.

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