White Japonais Tiles, Slabs, Cut to Size, etc.


White Japonais is as white as Thassos marble but with excellent technical characteristics (harder than granite, zero water absorption rate, etc.), which make it suitable for high traffic commercial areas. We have large stocks of White Japonais tiles and panels or slabs. We also do it in a beige colour, known as Beige Japonais.

Stoneville recommends White Japonais for swimming pools & spas, for example, around a residential swimming pool, in a honed finish: Swimming pool tiles. Recycled Eco Glass is another innovative material for swimming pools and spas, as tiles or cut to size.


White Japonais can be fabricated in large curved panels for column or pillar cladding, which is much more cost-effective than white marble column cladding, White stone column cladding. Recently supplied column cladding for Balbriggan Shopping Centre, Ireland – curved cladding panels made of 20mm thick White Japonais. Most columns were 3400mm high with a 600mm diameter and each column was clad with nine curved panels.

We also supply it in 3-5mm thickness bonded to honeycomb as well as with undercut anchors, which may be of interest for certain projects, in particular in cladding

There are a number of recent project pictures featured in the Project Pictures section.
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