STONEVILLE RECYCLED ECO GLASS is an innovative, high-end, sustainable, translucent product distinguished by aesthetic, technical & eco-friendly properties - made of 100% recycled glass with no resin/adhesives used. Recycled Glass is a type of glassceramic & is an alternative to marble, granite, quartz, glass, porcelain. It has many uses, incl. kitchen worktops, splashbacks, countertops, walls, floors, spas, swimming pools. Bespoke recycled glass worktops, splashbacks & countertops are popular in high end design.

Cost-effective & eco-friendly alternative to onyx & semi-precious stones. Colours/patterns, 3D effect, eco properties, full recyclability, translucency & sizes set it apart from other materials made of recycled glass. LED lightng can further enhance its colours, translucency & 3D effect.